Sunday, May 2, 2010


Talking powerpoints are an effective tool that can greatly enhance classroom instruction. When selecting images to add to the powerpoint, you can use either scan a book, locate images from various sites, or add your own images. Note: Always be mindful of copywrighted laws and be sure to properly cite your sources. The following is a set of directions on how to create a talking powerpoint. I created and used a talking powerpoint for my junior high students as a precursor to a lesson on poems for two voices. It turned out to be quite a success and the students can't wait to make thier own. Under CONTENTS on my blog homepage, you will see another link for "Talking Powerpoint". Click on this link to watch my powerpoint. Thanks! INSTRUCTIONS FOR CREATING A TALKING POWERPOINT

FIRST: Select topic and purpose.

On the first slide: Name of book, Author and then write "adapted by (your name)"

Next, -Click on the "INSERT" tab -Select "PICTURE" icon -Upload picture from file (If scanning pictures from a book, scan each page and save them to “My Pictures”, then upload each page for each slide) -Once all pictures/pages are uploaded: -Go back to first slide and click on the INSERT tab -Find the SOUND icon, and select the down arrow -Select Record Sound -When ready to record, click the Red record button -When done recording for that slide, select the Blue stop button, and then press OK to save the recording -Follow this recording procedure for EACH slide. After recording each slide, go back to the first slide again: -Select Animations, and then look for the Advance Slide Option -Unclick “On Mouse Click” -CLICK “Automatically After” -Select how many seconds you want the slide to last for (based on length of recording for that particular slide) -Do this for Each slide Save your powerpoint and ENJOY!!!

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